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Picnic and First E-Board

Just to clear up confusion, tonight was decided to be the first E-Board meeting with the first GBM next Sunday. Because many of us, if not all, will be at the picnic, we may be able to take care of business early, giving people more time to get ready for the first day of classes.

Anyway, for the Picnic, meet behind Red Jacket on the fields across the street from the dorms at or around 1pm.

If we can't do our meeting there, meet in the office at 6:30pm (again, E-Board, but if others want to come they are welcome). Come prepared with a few ideas, and ready to solidify Rush. I think it will take 30-40 minutes (but maybe less).

Sorry for not sending this out a few days ago...I'll get better about the meeting reminders.

Welcome back!!!
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